Ciao a tutti,
sono disponibili due nuove KB con aggiornamenti per App-V 5.1 e UE-V 2.1 SP1.

In particolare per App-V 5.1 RTM è stata rilasciata la KB 3115834 (Hotfix Package 1 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.1) che risolve i seguenti problemi:

  • Adobe Reader is crashing in Verion 11.0.10 in SCS
  • Add Package from HTTP Path - if path has a space - fails in 5.1 - works in 5.0 SP3
  • After upgrade to App-V 5.1 - IE start to crashing             
  • Custom configuration is lost after deleting an AD group from App-V Server 5.1
  • WCTAP: App-V stopped functioning after upgrading

Mentre per UE-V 2.1 SP1 è stata rilasciata la KB 3115833 che risolve il bug

  • Outlook 2013 Crashes When UE-V Outlook 2013 Template is checked

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